Extinction is Forever – Help Save Endangered Values!

I’m beginning to recognize the signs. The looks when I open the door for someone, or offer to reach an upper shelf for someone wheelchair or motorized cart bound, or let the person behind me go first in line because they have less to check out. The interesting thing is, the looks aren’t of disgust but of confusion – that look of “Did I really see that, I thought that went the way of the dinosaurs!”

Yes, the signs clearly point to the fact my values are in danger of becoming extinct. That’s sad, but it’s still encouraging. Like an environmental activist goes to bat for the ecosystem challenged gray wolf, or the whooping crane, I am out to save two of today’s socially challenged, endangered species I call ‘values’ and ‘ethics’.

So, I’m asking you – my fellow archaic valued friends – to join me in my fight!  It’s simple.  For less than zero cents per day, you can keep doing what you’re doing.  Keep smiling at the stranger, helping those in need, putting others before yourself. Do it every day. These poor, abused, abandoned values and ethics need YOUR help.  Please, don’t turn your back on them. They would never turn their backs on you.

Thank you for your support!


value sticker

President Obama, you are No Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.

Thought provoking article by Agnes Cross-White.

Never in my wildest dream would I have thought that black people or a black man would issue in an era filled with divisiveness, mistrust, and increased hatred among black and white Americans. Even in the turbulence of the 1960s, when the nation for the first time confronted raw hatred and evil perpetrated against us, did we ever see the black rage and rhetoric to the extent we see it today from the White House, to the NAACP, to the streets.

Here is what she had to say.

Shirley Lets Her Hair Hang Down At The NAACP

Just another person who needs to remember the power of the video!!

UPDATE:  From Fox News: “Days after the NAACP clashed with Tea Party members over allegations of racism, a video has surfaced showing an Agriculture Department official regaling an NAACP audience with a story about how she withheld help to a white farmer facing bankruptcy — video that now has forced the official to resign.”